Meet the members

Chartered Engineers share their experiences and explain the benefits of CEng to their career.


Mike Lee

“I knew it would be well-regarded in China and that it would demonstrate that I am a professional engineer, which is important to me. When I later applied to Ocado, having it on my CV showed that I’d reached a certain standard. I think it meant I was taken more seriously.”



Pete Gracey

“This is important in a country where many people think of an engineer as ‘someone who fixes my car’. Being able to call yourself a Chartered Engineer marks you out as different.”



Paul Meenan

"For many years I introduced myself as Paul the electrician because I’m very proud of where I’ve come from. But I learnt that this electrician from Tottenham had been turning into a pretty decent engineer..."

Image of Steve Simplay CEng  

Steve Simplay

“Achieving CEng, and understanding how CEng accreditation can help others, is a true career highlight.”

  Image of Yewande Akinola  

Yewande Akinola

"I would absolutely recommend getting chartered to my fellow engineers. It is truly rewarding and there is no doubt that, like myself, one would come through the process with renewed inspiration to contribute to the progress of the engineering industry."

Image of IET Member, Henry Parkinson

Lieutenant Commander Henry Parkinson

“I’d recommend professional registration to others, not just for the satisfaction you gain, but for the improved career prospects and also the membership of a dynamic institution which has a lot to offer.”


Image of IET Member, Chris Croot

Chris Croot

“CEng personally means that I now have the external recognition of my competence. In the workplace it demonstrates a level of professional credibility when dealing with external companies or bodies...”


  Image of Anna Gilbert

Anna Gilbert

“I think it’s important to work towards professional registration to distinguish real engineers from technicians and other work fields that label themselves as 'engineers'. I think the process keeps you motivated too and focused on what you can do next."


Sebastian Olejnik

Sebastian Olejnik

“The IET has everything that an active member requires to continue his own development. It's got the right tools in place, the right support. For someone who wishes to develop, you can achieve much more as an IET member.”


Matthew Keighley

Matthew Keighley

"The IET was very helpful with coming forward and providing a mentor for me when I was applying for Chartered Engineer status. Its mentoring service was very good and I’d recommend it to anyone in a similar situation."


Steven Carter

Steven Carter

"To be associated with the IET is valuable as it is a globally recognised institution within the engineering, technology profession with interests in a diverse array of subjects. The IET offers networking opportunities, within the various Technical Professional Networks (TPNs), Local Networks (LNs) and fellow IET members around the world. The IET also supports your long term development of your career and achieving professionally recognised Chartered Engineer (CEng) status."


Michelle Watt

Michelle Watt

"There’s obviously access to a lot of information as an IET member but it’s also about the contacts and the networks. I’ve got to meet like minded people who are at the same professional level and have the same kinds of goals as me."


Darren Johnston

Darren Johnston

"For me, joining the IET was about professional recognition and I could continue my learning and professional development with the organisation. With the IET you’ve got access to a lot of different resources."

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