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Supported browsers

Our websites are designed to work with modern browsers (the software that provides access to the internet and returns web content).

We recommend that you use newer versions so that your device can …

  • be made more secure to enable a safe browsing experience
  • efficiently and correctly present web content to you
  • can allow you to see and use more features.

The UK government have published CyberAware.gov.uk which provides help on upgrading your device and software.

Website logins

You can log in to the IET website by entering your registered username and password into the boxes on the top bar of each web page on the site.

Your username/password will be one that you have previously registered on the IEE or IIE websites or alternatively, you need to register a new account on the IET website.

If you have forgotten your username/password or are unsure of whether you have previously registered on the website, please use the password reset/username reminder facility.

Once you have successfully logged in, the login and register buttons will be replaced with some "Welcome" text and a link to MyIET.

Login problems

If you encounter problems logging in, please and ensure that you are using a modern browser and that your browser is set to accept session cookies before attempting to log in again. Also, see our login help (FAQs).

If you are still unable to log in, please contact us and include a description of the problem you encountered.

Remember me

Select 'Remember Me' if you wish to be logged in automatically when you visit the website. However, you will be asked to provide your username and password during the session if you access any pages containing your personal information.

Website registration

You will need to register on the website to access certain restricted content.

Also, see our registration help (FAQs).

MyIET / profile / email alias help

By logging into the website, you can view/change the following in your "MyIET": Contact details, password, payments, transactions, membership, communications, community activity, profile visibility, photo, biography, favourite contacts, messages, communities and local networks. Also, see our profile help (FAQs) and email alias (closure FAQs) help.