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The IET publishes highly acclaimed professional and technical research books across 21 specialist disciplines, covering all key areas of engineering and technology. IET Books support our commitment to advance knowledge across the global engineering and technology community and provide the ultimate point of reference for international researchers, professionals and students.

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Offering access to more than 40 research, letters and gold open access journals, the IET Journals portfolio offers a wealth of research and information in a wide range of engineering and technology fields.

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Journals Archive

The IET Journals Archive provides access to an impressive range of historic and ground-breaking articles and is a comprehensive source of historic engineering and technology intelligence.

This invaluable resource covers over 140 years of peer-reviewed articles in electrical and electronic engineering, telecommunications, computing, power control, radar circuits, materials, and related research in IT. The collection also includes the world-renowned Electronics Letters with archive content available from 1965-1993.

For more information and contents of the IET Journals Archive, visit www.ietdl.org/archive

The IET Digital Library

The IET Digital Library unlocks an unsurpassed body of work featuring more than 190,000 technical papers and over 6,000 eBook chapters from 1994 onwards. Comprising all IET journals, magazines, conference proceedings and seminar digests, the IET Digital Library provides users with access to a wealth of essential engineering intelligence.

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Available through the Digital Library, enrich your knowledge on specialist subjects including radar, energy, robotics and circuits. 


A major indexing database curating over 18 million scientific and technical literature and abstracts.

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