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Armed Forces membership

Why join?

We’ll help you add to your skillset with lifelong support and quality professional development planning. You’ll join more than 154,000 members all working towards a common goal of engineering a better world together, plus being a member will do wonders for your career prospects:

If you’d like more information on joining, simply text IETMOD and your full name to 62277 or email Find out how much Armed Forces membership costs

You will need to have an active Membership before applying for professional registration. If you are not yet a Member, the easiest option is to apply for Associate Membership. Then, when your professional registration is successful, you will automatically be upgraded to the relevant level of Membership (TMIET/MIET).

The easiest way to join is to call the Join Team on +44(0)1438 767648 who will also be able to ensure that you are joining at the correct membership subscription rate.

Our current Armed Forces Partners

We’re proud to partner with the following:

Royal Air Force (RAF)

  • Trade Groups 1, 4, 5 and 13
  • Engineering Officers – CE (Communications-Electronics) and AS (AeroSystems) Branch

Royal Navy

  • Weapon Engineers
  • Fleet Air Arm (Air Engineers)
  • Marine Engineers
  • Royal Marines


  • Royal Signals
  • Royal Engineers
  • Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME)
  • Army Air Corps (AAC)



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