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Making a difference for 150 years

Our anniversary celebrations have begun. Join in with inspiring and exciting things happening around the world, and help make this a year to remember.

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Throughout our anniversary year, we'll be connecting with young people who want to make a difference and make our world more sustainable. We'll establish a community of young difference makers who will pledge to make some changes in their everyday lives, however great or small, to inspire others, and we want you to get involved too!

We want you to make a pledge and let us know how you're going to become a difference maker. Whether it's turning off a light when you leave a room or supporting a young person to learn more about STEM, your small pledge could make a real impact on our world.

To submit your pledge, simply tag @TheIET on Twitter and use the hashtag #IETPresidentsAddress - it’s that easy! We can't wait to see what you come up with.

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