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Marketing and Advertising Opportunities

Partner with us for customised engineering advertising and sponsorship options

Are you looking for a targeted approach to advertising in the engineering community? Look no further than our expert team at the IET. Our advertising and sponsorship options are designed to help you successfully reach this valuable audience. With a deep understanding of industry trends and the technical needs of engineers, we can work with you to develop a customised advertising strategy that aligns with your campaign objectives and delivers the best possible results.

Our advertising options are designed to help you extend your audience reach, drive sales leads, and generate awareness of your products. Whether you're a new player in the industry or an established brand, we can help you connect with your target audience in a way that drives meaningful results. Partner with us today and discover the power of customised engineering advertising options.

Discover our customisable advertising pricing options

To better serve your advertising needs, we offer a variety of pricing options that can be customised to fit your budget. Simply fill out our form to gain access to our pricing lists. If you have any questions or would like to explore additional advertising options, please don't hesitate to contact us by email. We're always happy to discuss how we can help your organisation achieve its advertising goals.

Gain access to a diverse and global engineering and technology audience

We provide you with unparalleled access to a vast and diverse audience of over 154,000 engineering and technology professionals across 148 countries.  Our audience includes key decision-makers in various sectors and job roles, providing you with an opportunity to reach the right people.

Tell us which sectors and job roles you're targeting, and we'll recommend the best advertising and sponsorship options to help you reach them.  With our help, you can tap into this valuable audience and take your business to new heights.  Get started today and unlock your access to a global engineering and technology audience.

Elevate your business with our engaging events

Experience the power of connecting with the engineering and technology community through our dynamic events. Our events bring together a highly engaged audience who are eager to do business, network, learn, and collaborate.

With a strong events portfolio built over many years, we offer our sponsors and exhibitors a unique opportunity to promote their brands, generate business leads, and position themselves as thought leaders in their respective fields.

Our event programs feature high-level technical content, thought leadership, and professional options that attract key decision-makers. Our solutions team works closely with you to identify conferences relevant to your business, providing you with an invaluable platform to engage and influence through sponsorship and exhibiting. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your business - join us at our next event!

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Explore our print and digital advertising opportunities with E+T Magazine

Digital Advertising

Our comprehensive digital advertising options are designed to help you reach your target audience effectively. We can offer a range of digital advertising options including display ads, solus emails, newsletter ads, social media campaigns, and native advertising.

Our display ads are perfect for promoting your brand, products, or services through high-impact visuals and engaging content. With our solus emails, you can deliver personalised and relevant messages directly to your target audience's inbox. Our newsletter ads provide you with the opportunity to showcase your brand to a highly engaged audience, while our social media campaigns can help you increase brand awareness and engagement among our followers.

Finally, our native advertising options provide you with a seamless way to connect with our audience through content that is informative, engaging, and relevant to their interests.


Our award-winning magazine is published 12 times a year, reaching an extensive audience of over 120,000 IET members. We offer a range of advertising options to suit your business needs, including full-page, half-page, quarter-page, and eighth-page ads, as well as inserts.

We also offer digital editions to ensure maximum reach and impact for your advertising campaign. With 12 digital editions and 9 print editions available throughout the year, you have plenty of opportunities to showcase your brand and connect with our engaged audience of engineering and technology professionals.

Choose from a range of advertising options to find the perfect fit for your business needs and maximise your marketing efforts.

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Unlock the full potential of your brand

With our comprehensive suite of marketing tools, our webinars, white papers, and surveys are designed to help you generate leads, boost engagement, and gain valuable insights into your target audience.

With our webinars, you can connect with your audience in real time, providing them with valuable insights, and building a relationship with them. Our white papers offer a more in-depth approach, allowing you to showcase your expertise and establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry. Meanwhile, our surveys provide you with a powerful tool to gain valuable feedback and insights into your target audience, helping you refine your marketing approach and develop better products and services.

Choose from our range of marketing tools to find the perfect fit for your business needs and achieve your marketing objectives. With our help, you can take your marketing efforts to the next level and achieve your business goals.

Connect with top engineering and technology talent

Our unique platform offers an unparalleled opportunity to put your recruitment message in front of a vast audience of engineers and technicians.

With around 33,000 unique users visiting our jobs board each month, we can help match hundreds of recruiters with the best talent each year. Our comprehensive range of advertising options includes targeted social campaigns, job listings with premium options, weekly newsletters, solus emails, awards and event sponsorship opportunities, and print advertising in E+T Magazine.

Additionally, we offer a range of training and development options to help you upskill your existing staff and build a strong team. Our e-learning platform, IET Academy, offers a comprehensive suite of courses designed to enhance your team's knowledge and expertise.

Choose from our range of advertising and training options to find the perfect fit for your recruitment and development needs. With our help, you can find the top talent you need to take your business to the next level.

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Written by experts for experts in the electrical installation industry

If you're looking to target your advertising to the electrical installation industry, Wiring Matters is the perfect platform. Our publication is relevant to a wide range of sectors, including electrical contracting, electrical design software, communication networks and services, building management systems, and control equipment.

With Wiring Matters, you can reach a highly engaged electrical audience through a variety of channels, including our newsletter, Wiring Matters annual publication, Electrical online platform, solus emails, product showcase email newsletter, and college roadshows.

Choose from our range of advertising options to connect with the right audience and promote your brand in a relevant and engaging way. Our expert team can work with you to develop a customised solution that aligns with your campaign objectives and helps you achieve the best possible results.

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