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Membership schemes and streamlined professional registration schemes are operated by the IET for each of the Services. We aim to support personnel whilst in the Services and provide active help with their transition to civilian life.

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IET Armed forces fees for membership and professional registration including application fees and annual subscription fees.

Joint PEI activity

Photo of Air Marshal Julian Young

The next 100 years of the RAF

Air Marshal Julian Young will explore the technologies shaping the RAF over the next 100 years on 11 June, at the latest of our free-to-attend EngTalks series. Will we see autonomous AI drones, solar-powered high-altitude aircraft or hybrid air-breathing rocket engines to power aircraft over five times the speed of sound?

Stock photo from MOD Lyneham

‘Move’ and ‘Re-org’ of Defence school of engineering excellence.

The redevelopment of the RAF base at Lyneham, Wiltshire, into the new home of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) training has led to exciting and profound changes to the training structure and environment for its engineers.