Guidance for supporters of Fellowship applications

Information for individuals asked to act as a supporter for a candidate to become a Fellow.

Being a supporter

Your support and verification of the candidate’s submission is taken very seriously. The success or otherwise of the application depends on your confirmation of the status and experience being claimed by the candidate and will form a crucial part of the assessment.

The candidate will ask you to allow your name (and signature on paper forms) to go forward on their application form. On the form you will be asked to state your professional relationship with the candidate and to offer support for evidence submitted by the candidate to exemplify the criteria against which they wish to be assessed. The full list of criteria is available on the website. Please only endorse the candidate’s evidence or employment periods of which you have personal knowledge.

In the supporter form you are asked for your personal view on whether you think the candidate meets the Fellow criteria against which they have chosen to be assessed; whether the submission reflects this; and whether there is any additional information that would assist in the assessment of the candidate.

Should you require any further guidance or assistance please contact the Fellowship Department at fellowship@theiet.org. If you are interested in the progress of this application or would like feedback on your supporting evidence please indicate this on your supporter form.

Once you have completed your supporter form, please send it directly to:

Fellowship Manager
Registration and Standards Department
Michael Faraday House
Six Hills Way
United Kingdom
Email: fellowship@theiet.org

Please advise the candidate when this has been sent so that they know that their application can proceed to the next stage.


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