Chartered Engineer (CEng)

Why you should become a Chartered Engineer.

“CEng personally means that I now have the external recognition of my competence. In the workplace it demonstrates a level of professional credibility when dealing with external companies or bodies...”

Chris Croot, CEng

What is a Chartered Engineer?

A Chartered Engineer is an engineer who has become professionally registered with the Engineering Council. After registration you’ll be able to use the initials ‘CEng’ after your name, which signifies that you have met the necessary competence and commitment standard.

Why register as a Chartered Engineer?

The professional title ‘CEng’ shows your peers, employers and clients your experience, skills and commitment. It’s also proof that you have demonstrated competence against an internationally recognised standard.

Surveys repeatedly show that Chartered Engineers rapidly achieve higher earnings than their unregistered counterparts – and the pay gap is widening.

Who should apply to become a Chartered Engineer?

Chartered Engineers often have degrees in engineering or technology, but you don’t need a formal qualification to become registered.

To become registered, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate that you’re an innovator and/or you have technical responsibility for complex engineering systems. This means that you currently apply your knowledge to design and problem solving, and that you develop new (or existing) technology. You must be integral to your businesses’ success, which might mean that you’re accountable for project, finance and personnel management and for managing trade-offs between technical and socio-economic factors.

You’ll also need to show that you’re able to use your interpersonal skills to communicate technical information, and that you’re committed to developing the skills of those around you.

How do I apply?

Find out how to apply to become a Chartered Engineer.

Need help?

You may find answers to some of your questions in our frequently asked questions section.

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