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Share your expertise, develop your knowledge and contacts and broaden your horizons by getting involved with the IET.


IET Sectors champion the professional interests of the international engineering community to industry, government and the wider public, working together with members to address the global challenges of the 21st Century. Providing you with a technical home for life and promoting Essential Engineering Intelligence®, each Sector pursues key topics and industry challenges, assembling expert teams to develop partnerships and thought leadership. 

The five Sectors are: 

  • Built Environment - smart innovation for tomorrow's urban landscape.
  • Design and Production - designing, developing, delivering; creating tomorrow.
  • Energy - powering tomorrow; from smart homes to megagrids.
  • Information and Communications - connecting tomorrow, digitally.
  • Transport - engineering excellence for future transport systems.

Get involved with the IET Sector of your choice and help the IET to play a leading role in developing the international engineering and technology community by sharing and advancing knowledge to enhance people's lives.

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IET Communities provide opportunities for like-minded people to share ideas and expertise, collaborate, learn and network. Our communities cover local areas and technical topics. 

Find a community that matches your interests or start your own!

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Connect with IET Communities to gain knowledge, extend your professional network and raise your profile. With IET engineering and technology communities covering many areas of the world and a number of technical disciplines it’s really easy to make connections. IET Communities run a number of different activities offline and online which are usually free and you don’t even have to be an IET member to get involved.

Attend free lectures, seminars, technical visits and other events – find all IET Community events using the IET Events Calendar

Connect with engineers from around the world through our many online communities – go to the Engineering Communities platform and start making connections

View free video content from short hot topic films to technical presentations at international conferences – start watching the IET.tv Communities Channel

Receive email updates on upcoming community events, content and other activities – create a profile and tell us about your interests on MyIET

Local Networks

The IET has nearly 100 Local Networks (LNs) around the world, ensuring that there is a community of members near you. Meetings and events in your area enable you to meet the fellows professionals and enjoy industry-leading speakers. Visit the Local Network web pages to find out more and join your Local Network.