Joining the IET - frequently asked questions

Who can join the IET?

Anyone can join the IET. You may be working in a related field, studying towards an engineering qualification or simply have a passion for engineering and technology. There is a category of membership for everyone. For more information, please visit the Join the IET page.

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What are the benefits of IET membership?

Membership allows you to share experiences and ideas with fellow professionals and like-minded individuals and access products and services that have been specifically developed to meet your personal and professional needs. For more information, please visit our guide to your membership.

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What membership categories are available?

The IET has five categories of membership:

  • Student (including Apprentices)
  • Associate
  • Member (MIET or TMIET)
  • Fellow (FIET)
  • Honorary Fellow (HonFIET)

Membership provides you with a passport to a powerful knowledge network and the opportunity to develop your own expertise and to share experiences and ideas with over 167,000 engineers and technologists around the world. For more information on membership categories, please visit the Join the IET page.

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What are the eligibility criteria for the different categories of membership?

Membership is open to everyone who values involvement with the IET.

Student and apprentice members

Students and apprentices are those who are undergoing a programme of study leading to qualifications that will eventually entitle them to apply to use designatory letters.


Associates may be working in a related field or simply have a passion for engineering and technology. You may not have an engineering qualification but still value involvement with the IET.

Member (with entitlement to use TMIET)

All professional technicians who can demonstrate by their education and/or experience that they are professionally engaged in one of the many technology fields within the scope of the IET are eligible to apply to use the letters TMIET after their names. Registered engineering technicians are eligible to apply to use TMIET. Those with Foundation Degrees or the equivalent (Higher National Diplomas or Certificates) will also be eligible to apply to use TMIET.

Member (with entitlement to use MIET)

All professional engineers and graduate professionals who are engaged in one of the many technology fields within the scope of the IET, or are established professionals with knowledge based on experience, are eligible to apply to use the letters MIET after their names.

Fellow (FIET)

Fellowship recognises significant individual responsibility, sustained achievement and professionalism in areas relevant to the interests of the IET.

Honorary Fellow (HonFIET)

Honorary Fellows are distinguished by their work in engineering and are those individuals who have either rendered services to the IET or whose association is of mutual benefit.

Further information on the qualifications, additional requirements for entry to each category of membership and the application and assessment process can be found by visiting our Join the IET page or by contacting Membership Services. Please note we are unable to indicate which category of membership you are eligible for until we have received and assessed a membership application.

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How long does membership last?

Renewal fees cover your membership for one year unless you are a student and have applied for the duration of course membership.

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How do I apply for membership?

You can apply for membership online or by post. To apply online, please complete the online application. To apply by post, download the relevant form from the Join the IET section of the website and send the completed application to:

Membership Services
The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Michael Faraday House
Six Hills Way

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How do I get back to a previously saved application?

To complete the application, you can log in and click on "join the IET". By selecting option three (Complete your application online) you will be given the option to complete your current saved application or start a new one.

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Can I go back to my completed application to pay online?

Unfortunately, you cannot go back to your submitted online application and make a payment online. Payments should be sent to the Institution of Engineering and Technology, PO Box 40, Stevenage, SG1 2AY.

Cheques should be made to the 'Institution of Engineering and Technology' or 'IET'. Please remember to include your membership number or application number on the reverse of the cheque so that we can determine who the payment is from.

Should you wish to make a payment with either a credit or debit card, you can do so by contacting our Membership Services on +44 (0) 1438 765678.

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I used to be a member, how do I re-join?

If you used to be an IET member and you would like to re-join and re-instate your membership, please visit the Re-join the IET page for details.

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