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How to re-join the IET

Non-registered members

If you were a member of the IET and your membership lapsed within the last three years, it’s easy to join us again. Just call us on +44 (0)1438 767 648 or email

If your membership lapsed more than three years ago, you’ll need to reapply to join the IET as if you’re a new member. Simply apply online and pay this year’s membership fee

Professionally registered members

If you were professionally registered, there’s a slightly different process and it’s best to speak to us first. You can call us on +44 (0)1438 767 648 or email

If your membership lapsed less than a year ago:

Simply rejoin the IET and pay the Engineering Council back fees.

If your membership lapsed between one and three years ago:

You need to rejoin the IET, pay your outstanding membership fees and submit six to 12 months CPD evidence along with a future professional development plan. You’ll also need to send your CV to show that you’ve kept up the competencies you demonstrated during your registration assessment.

If your membership lapsed more than three years ago:

You’ll need to rejoin the IET and reapply for registration status. This would mean demonstrating your competence through a professional review, including a full application and interview. You’ll also need to pay the full professional registration application fee and the IET membership fee.

The Engineering Council back fees 

Standard rates

Type of Membership Lapse Year
2015 2016 2017 2018
Chartered Engineer (CEng) £153.00 £116.00 £78.90 £39.90
Incorporated Engineer (IEng) £129.00 £98.00 £66.80 £33.80
Engineering Technician (EngTech) £74.70 £56.80 £38.40 £19.40
ICT Technician (ICTTech) £74.70 £56.80 £38.40 £19.40

Reduced rates

If you paid a reduced IET membership fee and you were professionally registered with the Engineering Council, you may qualify for a reduced fee.