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A collection of useful guides and resources for book authors throughout the publication process

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This page provides guidelines and resources for you as an author, editor or contributor publishing with the IET. It covers:

  • What you need to do as an editor, author or contributor
  • What happens when your book goes into production
  • Keeping in touch

Please visit our Permissions, Royalties and Piracy Issues page to find out about permissions and royalties as well as our policies on, plagiarism, piracy and related matters.
For advice and guidance at any stage of this process, send us an email at author_support@theiet.org.

If you are planning to write a journal article or research paper, you can find out more on our journals pages.

What you need to do as an author, editor or contributor

These are a number of tasks you will need to carry out as an editor, author or contributor before you send us your finished manuscript. To ensure that the process goes smoothly, please download the pack most relevant to your role:

These packs each include the IET style guide, a checklist and a selection of other files that you might need while preparing and finalising your manuscript.

What happens when your book goes into production?

When you are satisfied that your manuscript is complete and needs no further changes, please email us at author_support@theiet.org and we will tell how to send us your finished manuscript.

We require manuscripts as one file per chapter, with separate files for each figure. Please refer to our style guide for full details.

During the production process, your manuscript will be thoroughly copyedited and type-set so there is no need to send us a camera-ready copy. We will send you one copy of the proofs for final review. Corrections at this stage will be minor typographic adjustments only. After final corrections, the book files are sent to the printers, and the eBook is created and uploaded to our digital library.

Time in production is usually 5-7 months, but this varies for each project .We will have a more accurate estimate once your manuscript is in production. You can expect proofs within 3-5 months of manuscript handover.
If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs page in the first instance. For any other queries, contact us at author_support@theiet.org.

Keeping in touch

We know that writing a book is a serious commitment and takes time. We want to help you as much as we can throughout the process, so please keep in touch especially if you have any questions or concerns about your project, or the publishing process.

It is also important that you keep in touch with us after your book has published so that we can continue to correctly pay your royalties. Please email us at author_support@theiet.org if you change your bank details or your email address.

Please see our Permissions, Royalties and Piracy Issues page for more information on royalties