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Guides and resources

What do I need to do as an author, editor or contributor?

We’ve put together information packs containing our style guide, checklist and a selection of other support items to make sure the process goes smoothly. You can download the most appropriate pack for you below:

What happens once I’ve finished my manuscript?

Once you’re satisfied that your manuscript is complete and needs no further changes, get in touch and we’ll tell you how to send it on. Your manuscript must be split up as one file per chapter, with separate files for each figure. Our style guide sets out all the details.

We’ll then thoroughly copy-edit and type-set it, so there’s no need to send us a camera-ready copy.

After this, you’ll be sent a copy of the proofs for final review. Corrections at this stage will be minor typographic adjustments only.

After final corrections, the book files are sent to the printers, and the eBook is created and uploaded to our Digital Library.

Production time is usually between five and seven months, but this varies for each project. You can expect proofs within three to five months of manuscript handover.

Keeping in touch

Putting a manuscript together isn’t easy and you’re likely to have some questions about the project or publishing process.

We’re always available by email at