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Gaining professional registration in the Army Air Corps (AAC)

What category is right for me?

Find out more about the different registration categories – if you’re unsure which category is right for you, contact one of our professional registration advisors.

You can contact us at if you need any further help or guidance.

Approved Apprenticeship for ICTTech

The AAC Apprenticeship is approved for ICTTech. Applicants who have completed the AAC Apprenticeship can use the Approved Route Scheme Code 5071 when applying for ICTTech via Career Manager.

How do I apply?

We welcome applicants from the AAC, however, a Defence Engineer Registration Scheme (DERS) is currently not in place.

Instead, we encourage all AAC candidates to apply through the standard route or CEngIEngEngTech and ICTTech.

If you would like any guidance on your application, please contact