Am I eligible?

More information about the application criteria for Fellowship.

Fellowship applications are peer assessed and as a candidate you will need to provide evidence that you not only meet the IET Expectation for Fellows but that you can also provide evidence of your achievements against at least two of the nine designated criteria.

IET Expectation for Fellows

Applicants should fulfil the IET Expectation for Fellows which is as follows:

"IET Fellowship is awarded to individuals who have sustained high levels of achievement, for example through leadership, influence, senior responsibility, innovation, and professional service, at the forefront of engineering, technology or cognate disciplines for a period of five years or more."

Applicants from a wide range of engineering backgrounds or contexts are welcomed; you do not need to be a Member of the IET or registered with the Engineering Council in order to apply.


You will need to demonstrate that you can fulfil at least two of the following nine criteria:

  • Creativity;
  • Enterprise;
  • Innovation;
  • Insight and Experience;
  • Leadership;
  • Repute
  • Responsibility;
  • Service;and;
  • Influence and Contribution.

You can read more about the criteria, the indicators that demonstrate you fulfil those criteria, and the evidence required for your application by downloading the PDF below.

If you come from an academic background, the IET has produced specific guidelines to assist you in your application.

Your application will be enhanced with evidence of appropriate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities over the past three years by means of a separate log, and a commitment to continue to undertake CPD.

Applications will be welcomed by those from a wide range of engineering backgrounds or contexts.

If you think you’re eligible and would like to apply, visit our 'Start your application' webpage.


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