Transfer or upgrade your membership

Transfer or upgrade your category of membership to TMIET, MIET or Fellow (FIET).

Members of the IET can apply to transfer their category of membership to include designatory letters once they have acquired the sufficient skills or experience.

Members can transfer their membership to the following categories:

You do not have to pay anything extra when transferring membership categories to TMIET or MIET but please ensure that all outstanding membership fees are paid. Visit My IET to check your membership fee status online (login required).

Students and apprentices are automatically transferred to the membership category of Associate when their course finishes. All students and apprentices need to take the active step of applying to transfer their membership to TMIET or MIET (as appropriate) if they wish to enjoy the benefits of being entitled to use designatory letters after their name.

Student or apprentice members of the IET do not need to provide a supporter when transferring to TMIET or MIET, providing they submit documentary evidence showing they have completed their qualifications. Please note: the qualification must meet the requirements for the chosen membership category.

The IET reserves the right to request supporter details and detailed curriculum vitae (CV) from all applicants.


How to transfer or upgrade your membership

To Member with designatory letters (TMIET or MIET) 

Apply online for a transfer or download and complete the membership transfer application form and post it to:


Member Assessment Team
Michael Faraday House
Six Hills Way
United Kingdom

To Fellow (FIET)

The membership transfer form is not applicable for transfer or upgrade to the category of Fellow. You will need to apply for Fellowship and the Fellow assessment fee will apply.