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Which role is right for you?

Any volunteer role is rewarding and valued in the way it contributes to the delivery of our charitable aims. Volunteering can also be personally rewarding through the sense of giving back to a valued profession, supporting and seeing others enjoy a successful engineering career, and in many other ways. It can also be a significant source of personal and professional development by providing opportunities to learn new skills, being exposed to the challenges of different activities and environments, and building an extensive network of colleagues.

Many people will commit to one volunteering role that they find especially rewarding, while others will transfer to new roles over time, or even take up multiple roles in parallel. This may be for many reasons but is usually because competencies and knowledge gained in one role have opened doors to different ways to influence and contribute. It may also be because their expertise has been identified for a particular area of the Institution that is under development.

Take a look at the variety of volunteering areas across the IET to see which may appeal to you:

The Get Involved Poster below is also available to Local Networks as an A2 poster through Marketing Toolkit

If you would like to find out more about a particular role of interest, please refer to the relevant role description.