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Gaining CEng, IEng, EngTech and ICT Tech status in the RAF

Which criteria are right for me?





You must hold the substantive rank of Squadron Leader or above for the past two years or longer.

You must hold the substantive rank of at least Flight Lieutenant in the Engineer Branch or Flight Sergeant in Trade Groups, 1, 4, 5 or 13.

You must hold an NVQ L3 in your trade (TG 1, 4, 5 or 13), or hold substantive rank of corporal.

You must hold an NVQ L3 in your trade (TG 1, 4, 5 or 13), or hold substantive rank of corporal.

You should have completed a Technical Engineering Appointment.

You should have served in a Technical Engineering Appointment at minimum rank at least two years (with officers requiring a total of four years' Service following completion of training).

You should have completed a programme leading to NVQ L3, or a suitable qualification at QCF3, SCQF, EQF or above.


You also need an accredited Bachelors' degree with honours in engineering or technology, plus either an appropriate Masters' degree accredited by a professional engineering institution, or evidence of additional learning to Masters level; or an integrated MEng degree.

You also need an appropriate Bachelors' degree in engineering or technology, ideally accredited; or a HNC, HND or FdEng in engineering or technology, plus evidence of appropriate additional learning, including work-based learning.


We believe in the value of experience as well as education. That’s why they will consider your application even if you don’t meet the above academic requirements but can prove you have the same level of knowledge and understanding.

1. For review and endorsement:

SO2 Engineer Branch Adviser, your Trade Adviser or other approved RAF endorser.

2. To submit to the IET:

Registration and Standards

The Institution of Engineering and Technology

Michael Faraday House

Six Hills Way






Or email to adminsupport@theiet.org

Electronic signatures can be accepted.

Good to know

  • You need to be a member of the IET before applying.
  • Military/MOD computers might have trouble downloading the application pack. If you have any problems please email armedforces@theiet.org
  • All military personnel are also able to apply via the standard route of application, providing you meet the Engineering Council requirements.
  • Applications must be endorsed before submitting to the IET.

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