Apprentice year two - awareness

Year two of the Apprentice pathway.

Apprentice pathway

View our apprentice pathway according to your career stage.


Register on IET Career Manager. It's an innovative online tool which helps you to plan and review your progress as you start to consider professional registration. It's also a great place to keep a record of all the training and courses you attend during your apprenticeship.

Apply for an IET mentor or use an in-company mentor. They will give you extra support and help you focus on Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


Try using the IET Virtual and Digital Library or factfiles to perform a search related to one of your apprenticeship assignments.

Extend your technical knowledge and capability by exploring the search function with E&T and IET.tv sections of the website and start to build up a list of resources you can use to research non-standard problems.


Start to build a network of other young professionals through IET Communities.

Join an IET local community, attend a talk or event and build up your network of like-minded people.