Past apprentice life stories

Explore our entire archive of Apprentice life articles, highlighting what engineering apprentices have been getting up to in recent years.

Matt Shillings, a Royal Mail engineering apprentice

Past Apprentice life stories 2017

Discover what fun and inspiring things IET apprentice members have undertaken during 2017.

Apprentices from Sellafield recently took part in the Pretty Muddy Race for Life to raise money for Cancer Research

Past apprentice life stories 2016

IET apprentice members share what they've been up to – from charity work, to engaging with school children and encouraging them to engage with STEM subjects.

Pretty Muddy apprentices with mascot, June 2015

Past apprentice life stories 2015

Apprentices share their stories from throughout 2015, highlighting charitable events, competitions and volunteering work.

Junior Leaders Field Gun Competition

Past apprentice life stories 2014

Read news and reports on special projects, competitions, charitable work and events from 2014.

A montage of apprentices from the 2013 Brathay Apprentice Challenge poster

Past apprentice life stories 2013

Apprentices get involved in the creation of the Industry Apprentice Council (IAC), take on the Brathay Challenge and also help run school competitions and festival stands. 

The Inviso apprentice team from BAE Systems

Past apprentice life stories 2012

IET apprentice members were very active in 2012, taking part in leadership events, winning awards and running marathons and even designing technology to help wounded soldiers.