Water industry apprenticeships

Information on water industry apprenticeships and what career opportunities there are in this sector.

Mogden Sewage Treatment Works, credit Thames Water Everyday, the UK water industry collects, treats and supplies more than 16bn litres of water to customers. It deals with more than just networks of mains and sewers - it plays an important role in the environment too.

 Thousands of people work to ensure water is drinkable and safe. Rain is collected and stored in reservoirs, then processed at treatment works and piped to homes and businesses. Once used, it’s released into waste systems, reprocessed and used again.

A water industry apprenticeship

As an apprentice, you could help to manage the water network from an office or maintain pipes outside.

In the mainlaying pathway, you could install and maintain the pipes that make up the network; as a servicelayer, you could look after the pipes that connect customers to the main. You could be a plant operator, supporting the processes at the treatment plant; or a distribution technician, operating the network.

Advanced apprenticeships

On the advanced level apprenticeship, you may take a more supervisory role. You’ll learn how to work with chemicals, control leaks and diagnose faults. Many current managers were once apprentices, so there is real scope for progression.


The starting salary is on average £17,000.

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