Engineering and technical RAF apprenticeships

The Royal Air Force (RAF) offers a wide range of engineering and technical focused apprenticeships, with great benefits and long-term career opportunities.

SAC Paul Hardie - Aircraft Technician (Avionics) - RAF Advanced Apprentice of the Year 2012 There are a wide range of RAF apprentice roles available including aircraft technician (avionics or mechanical), electrician, weapon technician, survival equipment specialist and vehicle and mechanical equipment technician.

RAF apprentices benefit from accelerated pay, top training and worldwide travel and benefits of joining the RAF include six weeks paid holiday a year, subsidised food and accommodation, free medical and dental care and free gym and sports facilities access.

Qualifications needed to become a RAF apprentice

To join the RAF as an engineering or technical apprentice you need to have three GCSEs/SCEs at Grade C/2 minimum or equivalent in English language, maths and an approved science/technology-based subject. Many of the roles require you to have a physics-based qualification.

What an RAF apprenticeship entails

All RAF apprentices start their scheme with Phase 1 military training, where they learn to be a military person: learn to dress smartly, march, fire a rifle etc. They then go into Phase 2 training after 11 weeks, and this is when they start their actual trade training.

On average this lasts eight months and sees apprentices based in ground training schools from 8-5, Monday to Friday. Once this is complete they are then given their first posting on their main operating base and begin the practical, NVQ part of their training. Depending on the role, apprenticeships can last anything from 18 months to three years in length.

RAF career progression

When you join the RAF as an apprentice you are given a nine year contract, the same as any other new joiner. You’re given a technical job on completion, which often comes with a pay rise and over time, if you chose to, you can work your way up the ranks.


Pay after one year is just under £17,500.

Find out more about RAF engineering and technical apprenticeships

To find out more about engineering apprenticeships with the RAF, please visit the Royal Air Force careers website [new window].