Power network craftsperson apprenticeship

A power network craftsperson safely constructs, maintains and repairs the UK’s electrical power network to provide a safe and reliable supply of electricity.

Network Rail apprentices, image courtesy of Network Rail The power is generated before being fed across the country through power lines supported on steel towers owned and managed by National Grid. The power is then distributed by regional electricity companies to local homes and businesses. As a level 3 apprentice you could find yourself working on overhead lines or underground cables, and in electrical substations.

For overhead lines, you will work at height, on wood poles and steel towers which you will climb in order to carry out repairs and maintenance. By contrast, underground cable work will see you carrying out your tasks in excavations at differing depths.

Whichever area you work in you will learn to carry out risk assessments, diagnose faults and make repairs, using electrical theories and your technical knowledge to maintain the integrity of the network. You may be required to drive vehicles equipped with tools and materials to job sites, and apply your mechanical knowledge to operate equipment such as elevated platforms, winches, ground-breakers and tensioning devices.

Entry requirements

This role is physically demanding and you will need to have a head for heights as well as a good level of physical fitness. You should be prepared to work outside, by day or night, in all weather conditions, either alone or as part of a team.

The power industry demands very high standards of safety so you will need to take a disciplined and responsible approach to your work, follow instructions and comply with stringent safety rules, policies and procedures.

Career prospects

Upon successful completion of this apprenticeship, you will be eligible to register as an Engineering Technician (Eng Tech) with the IET.


The starting salary (once qualified) varies according to the employer.

Want to find out more?

The full apprenticeship standard is available at
www.gov.uk/government/publications/apprenticeship-standard-power-network-craftsperson [new window].

Kindly reproduced from The Apprenticeship Guide [new window].