Power engineering higher apprenticeships

The power sector covers activities associated with the generation, national transmission and local distribution of electricity, up to, and including, the customer's meter.

Female engineer with a hard hat Over the coming years, some of the key challenges facing the power industry includes the need to improve the efficiency of transmission and distribution systems to minimise power loss; replace infrastructure; invest in new technologies to support low-carbon networks: change the fuel mix and increase the use of renewable energy sources to meet Government targets.

Higher apprenticeships in the power industry

Higher apprentices undertake one of a number of engineering roles. As an asset manager or strategy engineer, you would produce long-term plans for the industry, taking account of new technology, regulatory requirements, and other factors. You might be required to analyse electrical networks, seek methods of improving performance or study historic data.

Design and/or planning engineers produce designs to meet statutory and industry standards, while also considering client requirements, network strategy and budget constraints, whereas it is the task of the programme planning engineer to ensure that work programmes are delivered on time and meet quality, cost and safety requirements.

Finally, operations engineers plan, undertake and manage a range of engineering operations to meet safety, time, cost and quality requirements.

Career prospects

Whatever route you choose to follow, this higher apprenticeship can provide a springboard to an exciting career in the power sector. On completion of your apprenticeship there will be great opportunities to progress to more senior positions if you are well motivated. You could also move on to a suitable foundation degree course.


The industry average starting salary - once qualified - is £27,000.

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