Marine engineering

Information on marine engineering apprenticeships and what career opportunities there are in this sector.

Engineer monitoring a control panel Marine engineers are essential to any sea-going vessel. There are two types of marine engineers: the ones who work for the Merchant Navy and ones that work in the leisure industry.

Marine engineers in the leisure industry are like the nautical version of the AA. They only normally help you out when you call them and ask for it.

The leisure industry - by which we mean yachts, jet skis, speedboats, that kind of thing - employs marine engineers in engine manufacturers, boat dealerships, boat yards and marinas. Basically, anywhere that deals with boats.

They specialise in looking after, maintaining and repairing a boat's mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment, either developing it on new boats or carrying out repairs on boats that are brought to them. While some companies use traditional methods to diagnose faults and fix them, computers play a large part in the profession. Marine engineers need computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD / CAM) skills. Identifying problems and finding ways to fix them is like trying to complete a Rubik's Cube or a puzzle, really, so marine engineers need to be logical in what they do.

Most of the work is based on land, but there are opportunities to travel. Some flotilla holiday companies employ engineers to look after their ships and yachts.

Marine engineer apprenticeships

You'll complete units in health and safety (which is really important when you're working with sharp tools and heavy engines). After you've completed this, you'll cover units in IT and ship repair. This will introduce you to tools used in the industry and will show you how to use them.

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The British Marine Federation is in charge of this apprenticeship. For more information visit The British Marine Federation [new window].


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