Careers in lightning conductor engineering

Information on lightning conductor engineering apprenticeships and what career opportunities there are in this sector.

Lightning over a city Lightning conductor engineers climb buildings to make sure they are structurally sound, carry out repair work, and install lightning protection systems while avoiding gas and electrical cables. Lightning tends to get attracted by tall buildings, which doesn't do the buildings any good at all, so engineers work all over the place - protecting industrial chimneys, church spires, bridges, and any other buildings that lightning could take a shine to. The systems they install harmlessly channel the energy from the lightning into the earth and away from the building or structure itself.

There's a big focus on health and safety in this job. Lightning conductor engineers have to work with scaffolding, harnesses, and sometimes have to abseil down buildings. You can't afford to take any chances with yourself, or, for that matter, with the quality of the work you're carrying out.

Because, and this is important, with great power comes great responsibility. Even if the power is the result of an atmospheric discharge of electricity, rather than a radioactive spider bite...

Lightning conductor engineering apprenticeships

You must be over 16 to take this apprenticeship.

You'll complete a Lightning Conductor Engineer NVQ Level 2, where you'll learn about the equipment used, how to earth lightning and avoid underground cables.

You'll also complete Key Skills in Application of Numbers and Communication, as well as Employment Rights and Responsibilities.

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