Which area of engineering?

Engineering apprenticeships are available within many different areas. Take a look at the opportunities out there.

Apprentice portrait As an engineering apprentice you could be involved in aeronautical or automotive assembly; electronics engineering; understanding and building the latest technological gadgets; building and repairing ships; even maintaining the lifts that take us up to the highest places on Earth. 

The list goes on, but here we introduce you to just some of the different types of engineering sectors you could choose to work in.

Electrical and engineering apprenticeships

Within this huge sector is the opportunity to work in electrical, mechanical, building services engineering or building energy management systems roles.

There’s also the chance to focus on heating and ventilation or refrigeration and air conditioning, plus we take a look electrotechnical apprenticeships and Higher Apprenticeships in engineering environmental technologies.

Processing and manufacturing apprenticeships

Take a look at the areas of process manufacturing, engineering manufacture, design engineering, composite engineering, advanced manufacturing engineering apprenticeships and the electrical/electronic technical support engineering degree apprenticeship

Construction sector apprenticeships

Civil engineering career information, details on engineering construction apprenticeships and find out what life is like working as a lightning conductor engineer.

Transport sector apprenticeships

A look at aerospace and automotive industries, rail engineering (track), rail traction and rolling stock engineering, rail infrastructure engineering and land-based engineering apprenticeships opportunities. Also find out about the aerospace engineer degree apprenticeship.

Marine sector apprenticeships

Find out more about working in the marine engineering sector.

Energy sector apprenticeships

Information on career opportunities within the water, gas, nuclear, renewables and power industries , including higher apprenticeships in the power sector and the power network craftsperson apprenticeship.

IT and telecoms apprenticeships

A look at the options available to those wanting to become IT and telecoms professionals, including an ICT Higher Apprenticeship and information on broadcast technology apprenticeships.

Defence sector apprenticeships

An MOD apprenticeship offers structured training and a wide range of specialist opportunities. Find out about RAF engineering and technical apprenticeships, ICT apprenticeships and the systems engineering degree apprenticeship.