Electrotechnical apprenticeships

These advanced level apprenticeships cover the installation, maintenance and repair of electrotechnical equipment - from installing electrical systems inside a new building to maintaining machinery on a production line.

An electrotechnical apprentice The electrotechnical industry plays a key role in other industries - e.g. construction, engineering, manufacturing - and electricians use specialist skills to tackle a variety of projects, such as wiring new shopping centres and sports stadiums or installing CCTV systems.

Electrical installation

As an apprentice on the electrical installation pathway, you’ll learn how to complete the installation, inspection, testing and commissioning of electrical systems, devices, appliances and equipment in a wide variety of settings that could include domestic, industrial, commercial, leisure or agricultural buildings, structures or environments.

Electrical maintenance

On the electrical maintenance pathway you will be trained in the maintenance, servicing and repair of electrotechnical systems. You might be working in office blocks, leisure complexes or shopping centres, or on automated production systems.

Highway electrical systems and service and maintenance

On the highway electrical systems and service and maintenance pathway, you will be servicing and maintaining existing systems, from road signs to traffic lights and lampposts.

Highway electrical systems commissioning

On the highway electrical systems commissioning pathway you will be designing, installing and setting up these systems.

Career opportunities

Electricians can be employed by many different organisations: electrical contractors, companies that provide a range of electrical and electronic services, specialist operators, and even local authorities.

Because this is an advanced level apprenticeship, apprentices will be expected to have strong practical skills and advanced abilities. You’ll need to be able to follow technical drawings and understand health and safety regulations.


The starting salary - once qualified - is between £17,000 and £21,000.

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