IET history

Access resources on the history of the IET, with an overview of its foundation and evolution plus lists of its officials and medallists.   

General Histories and information about the IET

IET history
An overview of the history of the IET from its foundation in 1871 as the Society of Telegraph Engineers.

An archaeological excavation of The Savoy
Uncovering secrets from the past from a post-excavation report by Museum of London Archaeology during the Savoy Place renovation project.

A history of The Savoy and IET London: Savoy Place
The present Savoy Place was designed by Stephen Salter and H Percy Adams, architects, as a joint Examination Hall for the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Surgeons. The site however, has a much longer and more notorious history!

Photograph Society of Telegraph Engineers general meeting 1888 when the decision was made to change the name to Institution of Electrical Engineers  

IET family tree 

Did you know that the IET can trace its history back to over forty predecessor institutions? Click on the PDF link below to see a family tree diagram.

A brief history of the Institution of Manufacturing Engineers (formerly the IProdE)

A brief history of the Society of Engineers

Science Abstracts and Inspec

History of Science Abstracts and Inspec
Read the story of Inspec which has helped the scientific and research community since it began in 1898 as Science Abstracts.

Lists of officials and Honorary Fellows

IET past presidents

A list of Presidents of the IET which was formed in March 2006.

IEE past presidents

A list of Presidents of the IEE from 1872. The IEE joined with the IIE March 2006 to become the IET.

IIE past presidents

A list of Presidents of the IIE from 1998. The IIE joined with the IEE in March 2006 to become the IET.

IMfgE past presidents

A list of Presidents of the IMfgE (formerly the IProdE) from 1921 to 1991 when they merged with the IEE (now the IET).

IERE past presidents

A list of Presidents of the IERE (Institution of Electronic and Radio Engineers) which merged with the IEE (Institution of Electrical Engineers), now the IET, in 1988.

SoE and C&MES past presidents

A list of Presidents of the SoE (Society of Engineers) and the C&MES (Civil and Mechanical Engineers' Society), who joined together in 1910 as the incorporated Society of Engineers and were absorbed by the IIE in 2005.

Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows of the Institution including those of the IERE, IMfgE and the IIE from 1873.


Awards and Prizes Index

Discover lists of recipients of the Churchill, Faraday, and Mountbatten Medals, and the A F Harvey prize.

Verso side of the Faraday Medal