Research Journals

The IET has a dynamic and expanding journals publishing programme, which increased to over 30 titles in 2016 with the addition of open access journals, High Voltage and IET Cyber-Physical Systems:Theory & Applications. The majority of our journals are indexed in major databases and you can find a full list of where all the IET journals are indexed here. Visit the IET Digital Library to find out more about each of our journals.

Submitting to our journals

Submitting your manuscript is simple. On our Digital Library each journal includes a “Submit your paper” link to our manuscript submission and peer review site. You can also find information on the scope of each journal and author guides. When you submit a paper to us we will pre-screen it for language, references, format and length. Your paper will then undergo the peer review process by leading experts in the field. Once the review process is complete a decision email will be sent to you with further instructions on how to continue. We aim to reach a first decision within 4 months and to have all papers published within a year from submission.

We pride ourselves on providing a free of charge service. If your paper is accepted, you will receive a complimentary PDF of your paper in the IET format.


Reviewing for our journals

If you would like to review for any of our journals please contact the editorial office with your name, contact details and your areas of interest and we will add you to our system. You can find useful referee guides on each journal’s web page on the Digital Library.



How long will it be until I get a first decision on my paper?

We aim for four months but some journals may vary.


How long is submission to publication?

We aim for one year but some journals may vary.


I haven’t heard about my paper for a while, is it ok?

Your paper will remain in the system and updates are available via the manuscript submission and peer review site.


Can I make corrections to my proof after publication?

Unfortunately, you can not make any further corrections after the final pdf has been published. All corrections should be picked up at a previous stage.


I haven’t received a statement of originality, where is it?

We no longer use the statement of originality and copyright form. Upon acceptance you will be asked to fill in an online form via the manuscript submission and peer review site.


What are acceptable source files?

Main document - doc. pdf (tex. files must be supplied with the pdf)

Figures – doc., pdf., eps., jpg., tif., png.

Tables – doc, pdf, eps, jpg., tif., png

We do not allow rtf. or txt files.


What does the length policy include?

The word count policy includes title, abstract, main text, references, appendices and acknowledgements. It does not include figures, figure captions and table contents. Although there is no restriction on number of tables, the editorial office will unsubmit if the use of tables is excessive.


My paper was accepted but I have not received my proof, where is it?

Your proof will be being processed and it will be sent to you when it is available. It can take 6-8 weeks to process a paper.


Can I get an extension?

In most cases, short extensions will be granted. Please email the editorial office.


My paper has been accepted, how do I upload the source files?

Please email them to the editorial office.


Where do I find the scope of a journal?

Full information is on each journal's page on the Digital Library.