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The vertical inductor's structure allows for double the inductance per unit area, which reduces chip size and increases bandwidth

Vol 50, No 25

Featuring very high power LEDs, vertical inductors & cyber security for crit...

04 December 2014
A prototype ultrasonic wirelessly powered SCS that incorporates the 16-channel pulse generator presented in this work (mounted in the internal module)

Vol 50, No 24

Featuring spinal cord stimulation, extraordinary optical transmission & smar...

20 November 2014
The graphene layer has two gates to create local changes in charge carrier. This means the gate voltages can be lower and non-destructive

Vol 50, No 23

Featuring million fps digital holography, simple THz production & massive MI...

06 November 2014
Prof. MooHoe Bae

Vol 50, No 22

Featuring VCOs for medical implants, all-optical flip-flops & ultrasound bea...

23 October 2014
The in-ear antenna is tested on a specific anthropomorphic mannequin (SAM). As the waves creep around the head, some of the paths are blocked to measure the effect on the ear-to-ear path gain

Vol 50, No 21

Featuring hearing aid technology, ohmic contacts on GaN & printed nanopartic...

09 October 2014
The agents of the prototype UGV/UAV cooperative system in the motion analysis laboratory at Yonsei University. The laboratory's nine camera motion capture system was used to provide a real-time ground truth against which the stereo-vision based system could be checked.

Vol 50, No 20

Featuring Si substrate lasers, UAV/UGV swarms & sub-threshold SRAM tech...

25 September 2014
Dr Ediz Cetin

Vol 50, No 19

Featuring terahertz imaging, artificial magnetic conductors & GPS interferen...

11 September 2014
Since the work reported in his paper K├╝stler has demonstrated diamagnetic levitation of multiple objects using a single magnet. Here three pieces of pyrolytic graphite are levitated freely over a single multipole NdFeB magnet

Vol 50, No 18

Featuring diamagnetic levitation, particle accelerators & laser chips…

28 August 2014
Dr Stefan Kundermann (L) and Dr Steve Lecomte (R) working on the optical frequency comb

Vol 50, No 17

Featuring battery-free defibrillation, optical frequency combs & microchemis...

14 August 2014
Dr Zhigang Wang

Vol 50, No 16

Featuring metamaterial-based wireless power transfer, laser power amplifiers &am...

31 July 2014
The prototype device operates as a filter and an antenna simultaneously, providing each function through separate ports

Vol 50, No 15

Featuring single sensor knee motion analysis, potential PROMFA elements & LE...

17 July 2014
Dr Hirotaka Ono

Vol 50, No 14

Featuring RFTA temperature sensors, SDM inter-core crosstalk & starting brus...

03 July 2014
Dr Zingyou Zhang

Vol 50, No 13

Featuring high-Q antenna thermal loss, TSV fin defects & nano-power analogue...

19 June 2014
Dr Abdelhalim Slimane

Vol 50, No 12

Featuring images via body channel, Ghost Stochastic Resonance & LNAs in RFIC...

05 June 2014
Dr Vit Sipal

Vol 50, No 11

Featuring magneto-acoustic imaging, real-time Thz imaging and antennas as phase ...

22 May 2014
Jongwon Park

Vol 50, No 10

Featuring haptics for surgeons, cat robotics & 3D-printed substrates…

08 May 2014

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