Vol 50, No 15, 17 July 2014

  • The prototype device operates as a filter and an antenna simultaneously, providing each function through separate ports

    Microwave Multi-tool

    A resonator is used simultaneously as filter and antenna in work aimed at creating a PROMFA

  • Dr Petre Teodosescu

    Dr Petre Teodosescu

    “We are trying to see things from a different perspective; do we actually need the capacitive storage?”

  • The prototype system

    Knee-deep Sensing

    Towards a new clinical technique for the non-invasive analysis of knee joint motion

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Pointing the Finger

Work in Australia has established a large fingerprint database consisting of 3D fingerprints with their corresponding 2D fingerprints. Their Letter reports the results of verification experiments performed on it. The database is intended to serve as a standard database for developing identification techniques for 2D to 3D fingerprint images.

Probing Images

Research from Korea presents a probe for broadband sensing in an immersion liquid with a complex dielectric constant. The performance of the probe successfully shows the frequency bands of 3-6 GHz and constant radiation patterns. It can be used as a probe in measurement systems and as a sensor in microwave tomography imaging applications.

Seamless Transition

Researchers in Korea have shown a method for seamless transitions between differing 802.11 networks, facilitating low cost network video streaming, without the inconvenience of streaming dropouts while switching networks. This method has potential for mobile devices and other network technologies that use differing 802.11 networks.

Power of the VCSEL

Three-element coherently coupled VCSEL arrays, based on proton implantation, are presented in work from China. The arrays can maintain in-phase single mode operation up to a maximum output power of 4mW, with far field divergence of only 4 degrees under continuous wave condition. The coherently coupled array could be used in a range of applications including laser radar, optical communications and image processing.

Crystal Clear

Work in Ireland has shown the first implementation of using a stripped photonic crystal fibre based polarimetric sensor as an optical fibre sensor for cure process monitoring of magneto-rheological (MR) materials. The sensor should have a wide range of applications in MR materials at all stages, from fabrication to use; in the medical, automotive and aerospace industries.


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