Vol 49, No 16, 01 August 2013

  • Superconducting switch with a twisted wire and connected to an optic fibre

    Super safety switch

    Laser controlled superconducting switches reduce noise effects in nuclear magnetic resonance devices and improve their durability and sensitivity

  • (Left) Kwok Chung and (Right) Sergey Kharkovsky

    On closer reflection

    A low-profile high front-to-back ratio circularly polarised slot antenna has been created using a metasurface and a metamaterial based feed network.

  • Shurong Dong

    Shurong Dong

    Professor Shurong Dong from Zhejiang University in China talks about the research behind his Letter 'Study of graphene field-effect transistors under electrostatic discharge stresses'

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Quick cross-sections

Researchers in Japan have developed a high-speed 3D-OCT system, which is based on a high-speed swept light source and a Mach-Zehnder interferometer with a high-speed photodetector. Their system has significant potential for biomedical cross-sectional imaging applications where high-speed measurements are crucial.

Expanding plasma

A compact circular resonator for a microwave plasma lamp has been designed by researchers in China. The volume of the proposed resonator is reduced by about 50%, which will expand the application potential of the lamp and reduce the cost of its manufacture.

Caught in an avalanche

A current pick-up circuit for single photon avalanche diode detectors has been proposed by researchers in Italy. The presented circuit directly senses the avalanche current instead of the anode or the cathode voltage, which allows for state-of-the-art time resolution and negligible crosstalk.

Cheap charge

Researchers in Korea present an alternative approach for single-stage battery charger design based on diode-clamped series resonant converter (DC-SRC) for use with light electric vehicles (LEVs). The work could allow a single stage approach to long lifetime, lower cost and compact chargers for electric vehicles.

Improving performance

A surface dielectric passivation technique to improve RF performance of GaN HEMTs for K-band high power amplifiers is presented in work from Korea. The devices produced exhibit excellent RF performance of small-signal characteristics, such as the current gain-cutoff frequency of 55 GHz and the maximum oscillation frequencies of 130 GHz.

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