3 January 2013

Electronics Letters has continued to grow during 2012, receiving nearly 4,500 submissions from 75 countries. We would like to thank our contributors for continuing to submit their fascinating research findings that move the field in new (and sometimes unexpected) directions. We look forward to seeing the advances and new applications that 2013 will bring.

Easier submission

As many of you will have already noticed, Electronics Letters now has new templates (in LaTeX and Word) to help authors with their submissions. The templates allow the manuscript to be created in a form similar to the final published version, making the estimation of the length much easier. Full author guidelines can be found in the ‘For Authors’ section at www.theiet.org/eletters.

Premium Award Winners

The winners of the 2012 Electronics Letters Premium Award were A.-L. Bavencove, D. Salomon, M. Lafossas, B. Martin, A. Dussaigne, F. Levy, B. Andre´, P. Ferret, C. Durand, J. Eymery, Le Si Dang, and P. Gilet for their Letter ‘Light emitting diodes based on GaN core/shell wires grown by MOVPE on n-type Si substrate,’ published in Volume 47, Issue 13.

In recent years there has been considerable interest in the use of GaN light emitting devices (LEDs) for lighting applications where high efficiency of emission is of paramount importance. LEDs based on nanowires are promising solution in terms of cost and performance, but their integrated fabrication has been challenging. This Letter reported a most elegant MOVPE-based technique for growing wires which are fully integrated physically and electrically with the supporting substrate without requiring advanced processing.

This work was also featured in the same issue of Electronics Letters in the article ‘CVD, Blue and The Wire’.

Open access options

In 2012, the IET announced its intention to introduce open access options across all of its journals following a six-month-long global consultation with over 35,000 engineering academics. This includes Electronics Letters which will continue to be available in print or online to subscribers, but will also give authors the option to make their research free to view online, on payment of a fee. More information about the open access option for Electronics Letters will be available soon at www.theiet.org/eletters.

New IET Digital Library

As some of you may have already seen, Electronics Letters is now being hosted on the IET’s new Digital Library with features such as the ability to include video and animations as part of an article, and the content optimised for viewing on a tablet or smartphone. Further enhancements coming later in 2013 will include Electronics Letters papers becoming available as full-text HTML articles.


We would also like to thank, once again, the many thousands of reviewers for their hard work in helping to maintain the quality and integrity of the journal. The reviewing requirements for Electronics Letters are a little different to many journals so, if you are a new reviewer, please do take some time to read the information in the ‘For Reviewers’ section on the Electronics Letters homepage www.theiet.org/eletters.

Lastly, don’t forget that Electronics Letters is on Twitter and you can follow @ElecLett to keep up to date with the publication of the latest issues along with alerts of news and feature articles. Please do also contact us at eletters@theiet.org if you have any feedback, suggestions or would like more information.

Chris Toumazou, Editor-in-chief

Ian White, Editor-in-chief

Helen Dyball, Executive Editor

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