Vol 48, No 25, 06 December 2012

  • Oscar Lucia and Hector Sarnago

    Oscar Lucia and Hector Sarnago

    Dr. Oscar Lucia and Hector Sarnago talk about the research behind their Letter ‘Optimal Gate Drive Circuit Design for the ZVS operation of SiC JFET devices'.

  • Rezki Ouhachi

    Quiet chaos

    28 nm CMOS devices exhibit high power even at low voltages.

  • MEMS acceleration switch

    High-G manoeuvres

    Threshold raising tunable MEMS acceleration switches.

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Simplified confinement new window

Researchers in France have presented the first implementation of oxide confinement, applied to mid infrared vertical cavity lasers grown on GaSb substrate. Their technique overcomes previous problems of overly complex kinetics and poor structural and insulating properties, making the laser suitable for gas sensing applications.

Waffle clamp new window

A waffle type-n LDMOS electrostatic discharge (ESD) clamp with compact source and drain for high-voltage ESD protection has been proposed by researchers in China. They have achieved a high ESD failure current of 4.4 A with a total channel width of 60 μm only, and the waffle type structure provides more than 30% current handling capability than the conventional ones.

Mind reader new window

Researchers in Australia have developed a full code division multiplexed (CDM), electrical impedance tomography (EIT) device capable of simultaneous electroencephalography (EEG).  The active electrode can be built using commercial off-the-shelf components employing standard PCB fabrication techniques; moreover it is small enough to be employed in a standard dense EEG scalp montage.

Multiple memories new window

A memristor fabricated using low cost materials has been reported by researchers in the UK. Using a printed circuit board (PCB) and zinc oxide nanowires, the memristor has been characterised in two low pass filters and has great potential in batch fabrication.

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