Vol 48, No 24, 27 November 2012

  • Andres Alayon Glazunov

    Andrés Alayón Glazunov

    Dr. Andrés Alayón Glazunov talks about the research behind his Letter ‘Maximum joint transmit-receive MRC gain with antennas exciting spherical vector wave modes up to order l'

  • Ultrasonic detector

    Sound Seeing

    Human presence detection is possible for silent stationary occupants.

  • Truly Random Number Generator illustration

    The next generation

    A truly random number generator (TRNG) that could be used in high-speed embedded cryptographic systems on mobile devices has been presented by US-based researchers.

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Gauged jitters

A jitter measurement method that doesn’t require a precision time base is proposed in work from Turkey. A low cost frequency synthesizer, or a simple digital divider can be used as the ADC clock with this method and sub-picosecond jitter measurements can be made with accuracy exceeding much more expensive systems.

Gilded gates

Quantum dot gate field effect transistors (QDGFET) produce 3 states in their transfer characteristic making them suitable for ternary logic circuit implementation, but dissociation of QDs in the gate region destroys the 3 state behaviour over time. Researchers in the US propose an improved  QDGFET structure with a SiN layer at the gate contact that extends their life to over 10 months.

Fibre rotation

Researchers in the UK propose design optimizations to optical microfibre loop resonators (MLRs) that enable uni-directional Faraday rotation despite the presence of birefringence. Significantly improving current sensitivity via efficient resonantly enhanced Faraday rotation, the study provides the groundwork for fabricating practical optical MLR-based current sensors that can operate efficiently, despite the effects of birefringence, to probe sensitive electrical components.

Sample conversion

Researchers in France have demonstrated an optical mixing scheme where the frequency up-conversion arises from the properties of sampling.  Their mixer, based on an SOA-Mach-Zehnder interferometer, may have applications in optical networks such as radio over fibre network, avoiding the need for an electrical mixer at the base station.

Phenomenally hot

The hot-carrier-induced degradation mechanism in p-type symmetric lateral DMOS transistors (ps-LDMOS) with thick oxide gates has been experimentally investigated by researchers in China. Their investigation provides the first explanation of the phenomenon that only one peak bulk current is observed for different gate-source voltages.

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