Vol 48, No 20, 27 September 2012

  • Jet printing allows memory devices to be deposited onto flexible substrates.

    Jetsetting memories

    TiO2 can be jet-printed onto flexible substrates.

  • An optical discharge travels along the fibre towards the light source leaving a train of damage. The pattern of damage can be different for different types of fibre.

    Lighting the fuse

    New insight could make catastrophic fibre failure in high-power applications easier to predict and prevent.

  • Dr Li Yang (right), Mr Hua-Xing Xu (left) and Professor Jing-Ren Qian (centre)

    Interview with Li Yang

    Dr Li Yang (pictured right) from the Lightwave Laboratory in the Department of Electronic Engineering and Information Science, University of Science and Technology of China talks about the research behind her Letter Birefringence in fibres with multi-lobe stress region.

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Chromatic scales
Researchers in Japan propose a pilot-aided fast chromatic dispersion (CD) estimation scheme for coherent optical transmission systems. The scheme enables the CD value to be estimated within 5 ms with less than 1 % of the pilot signal overhead and can be implemented cost-effectively in a side-process of existing DSP architectures for digital coherent receivers.

A measured warmth
Two annular slot applicators are combined as a two-port radiometry/heating (dual-mode) applicator in work from the US. The applicator is intended for use in a blood perfusion measurement system, but simultaneous heating and radiometric sensing of body tissues is also of interest for other medical applications including temperature monitoring during microwave hyperthermia treatment of cancers.

Thin barriers
The electrical properties of Mg-doped InAlN films and their contact behaviour based on a transmission line model are reported in work from Korea. The researchers observed a semi-insulating property. InAlN:Mg films are of interest for applications such as electron blocking layers in GaN-based LEDs and barrier layers for GaN-based HEMTs with normally-off operation.

Small efficiency
Researchers in Germany have provided the first demonstration that VCSELs with small oxide-apertures are more energy-efficient than large aperture devices. Compared to the former record, the energy-efficiency at 25 Gbit/s could be nearly doubled by simultaneously decreasing the current density by a factor of more than 3.5.

Safety radar
Researchers in Belgium have used radar techniques to detect fall incidents in the home, and to locate persons without the need for RFID tags. The target group is the elderly, but radar techniques can also be beneficial for other monitoring applications such as sleep monitoring and monitoring to avoid sudden infant death syndrome.

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