Vol 48, No 17, 16 August 2012

  • Schematic of a non-volatile 8-bit MA carry circuit

    Instant recall

    First design of a fully non-volatile multi-bit magnetic adder based on domain wall motion.

  • Cloaking device setup

    A hidden advantage

    Metallic objects can be cloaked in electromagnetic fields using simple dielectrics.

  • Hsiao-Chin Chen

    Interview with Hsiao-Chin Chen

    Professor Hsiao-Chin Chen from  the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology talks about her work for the Letter Battery-less ASK/O-QPSK  transmitter for medical implants.

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  • Graphs showing the effect of gamma irradiation on the HEMTs

    Radiation trap

    Researchers in France have proposed a method to decrease electrical trap effects in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs by using a low gamma radiation dose. As GaN-based devices are used in military and space applications, their electrical behaviour in extreme radiation environments is vital, and a partial annihilation of trap-related effects is observed with a dose of 4 krad.

  • Photograph of the circuit board and electrodes of the neurostimulator

    Static stimulation

    To study long-term electrical stimulation in small animals, researchers in China have developed a neurostimulator that does not affect the animals’ motion. Through this study they hope to gain additional information about the extended role of neurostimulation in the clinical context of movement and psychiatric disorders.

  • Chip micrograph


    Researchers in Taiwan have reported a 60 GHz CMOS power amplifier with excellent power gain, 3 dB bandwidth, high saturated power output and efficiency properties. Their results demonstrate the proposed PA architecture is very promising for 60 GHz short-range communication system applications.

  • Illustration of a hard disk drive suspension

    Sharp memory

    Collaborating researchers from Thailand and Australia have studied the effect of lead zirconate titanate (PZT) ceramics used in the new model of hard disk drive microactuators. Their results and proposed mathematical model may be used as a guideline for the prediction of electrical fatigue lifetime of PZT storage devices.

  • SEM image of single ZnO nanowire

    Significant parasites

    The electrical characteristics of single ZnO nanowire with various diameters at the high-frequency range have been presented by researchers in Korea. The study shows that parasitic effects, supposedly minimised, contribute significantly to major signal transmission of ZnO nanowires and so will be crucial in developing related nanoelectronic devices.

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