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17 July 2012

Illustration of the ZnO device

Rectifying characteristics of thin film self-switching devices with ZnO deposited by atomic layer deposition
Electron. Lett. -- 19 July 2012 -- Volume 48, Issue 15, p.914–916

I. Soga (1), A. Komuro (1) and O. Tsuboi (1)
(1) Fujitsu Laboratories, Atsugi, Japan

To realise a rectifying device utilising ZnO, self-switching devices (SSDs) have been fabricated using ZnO thin films. The SSDs do not require a p-type doping junction or a Schottky barrier. At first, normally-off ZnO thin film transistors were fabricated, which exhibited control of threshold voltage by the channel length. Thin film SSDs using a thin film transistor structure were successfully fabricated by connecting the gate electrode with the source electrode. Finally, half-wave rectification using thin film SSDs is demonstrated, which reveals the possibility of ZnO thin film SSDs for power supply.

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