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17 July 2012

Measured self-heterodyne spectrum

Two-section singlemode lasers based on slots suitable for photonic integration
Electron. Lett. -- 19 July 2012 -- Volume 48, Issue 15, p.945–946

Qiaoyin Lu (1), Weihua Guo (2), A. Abdullaev (1), M. Nawrocka (1), T.N. Huynh (3), J. O'Callaghan (4), M. Lynch (1), V. Weldon (1), L.P. Barry (3) and J.F. Donegan (1)
(1) Trinity College Dublin, School of Physics and CTVR, Dublin, Ireland
(2) University of California Santa Barbara, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, USA
(3) Dublin City University, The Rince, Dublin, Ireland
(4) University College Cork, Tyndall National Institute, Ireland

A high-yield no-regrowth two-section singlemode laser based on multiple slots suitable for monolithic photonic integration is presented. By tuning the back section current, the fabricated laser exhibits a stable singlemode performance with a sidemode suppression-ratio of more than 42 dB over a temperature range from 15 to 65°C. A linewidth of around 2.7 MHz is measured for the fabricated laser using the standard delayed self-heterodye technique.

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