Vol 48, No 14, 05 July 2012

  • Graphene, graphene FET, graphene FET amplifier

    Amplifying graphene

    The first matched graphene FET amplifier for ICs.

  • Rendering of human anterior eye. [Image courtesy of Massachusetts Institute of Technology]

    A clean sweep for MEMS-VCSELs

    Record ultra-widely tunable semiconductor lasers look set to advance medical imaging and other applications.

  • Yul Chu

    Interview with Yul Chu

    Dr Yul Chu from the University of Texas-Pan American in the US talks about the research behind his Letter Hybrid scheme for low-power set associative caches.

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  • Sensor circuit

    Tough but sensitive

    Researchers in Malaysia have designed an ultra-low power temperature level detector and sensor based on a silicon-on-insulator CMOS integrated circuit for harsh environment applications. To achieve ultra-low power operation, all the circuit transistors in the biasing part have been optimised to operate in the subthreshold region.

  • Memristor architecture

    Memorable exhibition

    Researchers in Italy have shown that a purely passive circuit, employing already-existing components, can exhibit memristive dynamics. The circuit is composed of an elementary diode bridge and an RLC series circuit, introducing nonlinearity and dynamical behaviour into the system, respectively.

  • MEMS microphone size comparison

    A thin sound

    The design, fabrication and characterisation of a slim MEMS microphone based on a full package integrated process is presented in work from Korea. The capacitive-type MEMS acoustic sensor is only 150 µm thick, without degraded performance, owing to the elimination of a complicated back-side alignment process. The design should be very suitable for compact consumer electronic devices.

  • Optical waveguide circuit

    Broadly insensitive

    Work from Japan shows that silicon wire waveguide technology can reduce the size of optical waveguide circuits to allow their integration with electronic ICs on the same chip. The reported device uses multiple Si waveguide structure sections to give width error insensitivity over a wide wavelength range. The technology is suitable for interconnects of electronic ICs.

  • Lasing diagram

    Anomalous readings

    The first experimental observation of rare disruptive events in polarisation resolved dynamics of a VCSEL subject to polarised optical injection is reported in work from the UK. The Letter also reports rare disruptive events, exceeding the threshold for optical rogue waves, observed in a long-wavelength VCSEL emitting at the important 1550 nm telecom wavelength. The occurrence of such rare events parallels behaviours seen in many fields including economics, climate and neuroscience.

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