Vol 48, No 12, 07 June 2012

  • Kai Niu (right) and his colleague Kai Chen

    Inside view

    Polar codes can be improved without increasing complexity according to researchers in China. Kai Niu from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications tells us more.

  • Members of the ultra-fast photonics group, University of Central Florida

    Combination lock

    A cheaper, simpler approach to coherent spectral bandwidth combining.

  • János Ladvánszky

    Interview with János Ladvánszky

    Dr János Ladvánszky from Ericsson Telecom Hungary talks about the research behind his Letter Does amplitude or phase noise arise first?.

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  • Atomic force microscopy image of oxide mask

    Voltage emission

    A vacuum lateral silicon diode has been fabricated by researchers in Malaysia. Using atomic force microscopy lithography to characterise field emission, the turn-on voltage of the diode is 8 V, the smallest value ever reported for lateral silicon field emission diodes.

  • Photograph of filter

    Curved distribution

    Researchers in Japan have proposed a configuration for an ideal optical wavelength filter.  A grating coupler and a pair of distributed Bragg reflectors with curved gratings were designed for a guided wave propagating with divergence owing to diffraction, and this design provides a filter with narrow band reflection spectrum for use in small diameter optical beams.

  • Circuit diagram

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    Hysteresis is a major problem in piezoelectric (PZ) actuators, which are widely used in micropositioning and actuation applications for their extremely small displacements, high stiffness and fast frequency response. Work from China reports a simple method to drive PZ actuators that greatly reduces their hysteresis, has a common ground and is capable of producing very high drive voltages.

  • Photograph of the chip

    Better together

    The first High-Tc superconducting (HTS) monolithic heterodyne Josephson downconverter is reported in work from Australia and China. HTS bandpass and lowpass filters are integrated with an HTS Josephson heterodyne mixer on a single chip to improve coupling efficiency between HTS components and reduce losses, circuit size and power consumption. The proposed converter could replace hybrid downconverters used in wireless communications base stations.

  • Effect of CNT cathode on phosphor screen

    Alternative sources

    An X-band photonic bandgap multi-beam reflex klystron is presented by researchers in Korea as a potential terahertz source. The team developed a hybrid resonator using photonic crystal structure for stable output coupling and to exclude some lower order modes of the cavity. Carbon nanotubes were used in the creation of the cathode, which produces nine electron beams.

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