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21 May 2012

Cross-sectional schematic of the proposed structure

TDBC SOI technology to suppress floating body effect in PD SOI p-MOSFETs
Electron. Lett. -- 24 May 2012 -- Volume 48, Issue 11, p.652–653

Jiexin Luo (1), Jing Chen (1), Qingqing Wu (1), Zhan Chai (1), Tao Yu (1) and Xi Wang (1)
(1) Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, State Key Laboratory of Functional Materials for Informatics, People's Republic of China

A tunnel diode body contact (TDBC) SOI structure is presented as a means to suppress the floating body effect in partially depleted (PD) SOI p-MOSFETs. Experiments using phosphorus implantation were carried out to form the tunnel diode in the source region. Tunnel diode body contact is embedded in the source region, which can effectively release the accumulated body carriers. The fabricated device shows the suppressed floating body effect as expected. The new structure does not enlarge device size and is fully compatible with SOI CMOS technology.

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