Vol 48, No 9, 24 April 2012

  • A 3D integrated circuit using the built-in self-routing network for through-silicon-via repairing, shown on each plane

    Routing for moore

    Built-in self-routing schemes improve performance of 3D integrated circuits.

  • Bernd Heinen from the Philipps-Universit├Ąt Marburg and the setup used to measure the record 106 W VECSEL output power

    The power of VECSELs

    Continuous-wave VECSELs have broken the 100 W output power barrier.

  • Tim Brown and Heng Ma

    Interview with Tim Brown and Heng Ma

    Dr Tim Brown and Heng Ma of the University of Surrey in the UK talk about the research behind their Letter Egg quantity determination based on characteristic polarisation state.

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  • RF front end

    Double filtered

    Researchers in Taiwan have proposed a circuit that integrates a microwave bandpass filter and an MMIC switch into a single circuit component and so simplifies wireless communication system designs. The circuit is suitable for applications at the RF front end of TDD wireless communication systems.

  • Phase shift

    Loss differential

    A tunable microwave phase shifter has been developed by researchers in the US. Their method is a simple and low-cost approach, which is suitable for industrial applications. Furthermore it offers two degrees of freedom tuning, and can minimise the loss while increasing the differential phase shift.

  • Constellation - red and yellow blobs in a diamond formation on a blue background

    Simple symbol

    Researchers in Japan present a transmitter for 8 QAM generation. The transmitter can increase the symbol rate of the 8 QAM signal to 40 Gbaud without using state-of-the-art technology or equipment. In addition, according to the condition of the drive signals, various types of 8 QAM format can be generated simply.

  • Multimode fibre

    Long range centres

    High-speed 850 nm VCSELs are promising light sources for short-reach (<300 m) optical interconnects in data centres. However, since data centres are growing in size, there is a growing demand for longer distance optical interconnects, and now researchers in Sweden have achieved 25 Gbit/s transmission over a 500 m multimode fibre using an 850 nm VCSEL with an integrated mode filter.

  • Bandwidth consumption

    Ahead in the polls

    Collaborating researchers from Korea and the UK propose a multicast polling scheme for optical network unit bandwidth allocation in 10 G Ethernet PON. Their results show that the scheme can achieve a reduction in bandwidth consumption by control packets of approximately a factor of 10, and an increase in channel use.

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