Vol 48, No 8, 12 April 2012

  • Fujitsu’s DR lasers

    Mirror, mirror

    Fujitsu Laboratories’ distributed reflector lasers show promise for low-power high-speed optical transmitters.

  • O. H. Karabey, S. Strunck and R. Jakoby

    A twist in the tail

    Liquid crystal steering of linear polarisation in RF waveguides.

  • Md Saiful Islam

    Interview with Md Saiful Islam

    Dr Md Saiful Islam from the College of Computer and Information Sciences at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia talks about the research behind his Letter Resampling of ECG signal for improved morphology alignment.

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  • Bipolar transistor

    A snappy turn

    A low turnoff loss, snapback-free, reverse-conducting insulated-gate bipolar transistor has been proposed by researchers in China.  By replacing the trench oxide with a floating p-region, the proposed structure introduces a second n-p-n electron extraction path that turns off the device with lower loss.

  • Magnetic reflector

    Magnetic reductions

    Researchers in Korea have proposed an artificial magnetic conductor (AMC) that can be used for the reflectors in antennas. The AMC replaces ordinary metal, which reduces the thickness or improves the radiation characteristics. The AMC means that the overall size of the antennas can be reduced, and the antennas can be designed at lower frequency bands.

  • Return losses

    Single whole

    A piezoelectric transducer-controlled tuneable bandpass filter has been developed by researchers in the US. Using the piezoactuator to move a dielectric layer over the whole filter, as opposed to acting with tuneable capacitances in the single filter sections, they achieve an insertion loss less than 2.5 dB, and a return loss greater than 12 dB for all frequencies within the tuning range.

  • Accelerated lifetime tester

    A testing time

    A complex-stress accelerated lifetime test (ALT) model is proposed and experimentally verified by researchers in Korea. It uses both thermal and optical stresses and includes a sophisticated system capable of real-time monitoring of electrical, optical and thermal properties of the LEDs under test. The proposed ALT reduces testing time and the number of tests required by combining the types of stresses considered.

  • Wireless power transfer

    Hearing both sides

    Wireless power transfer efficiency of more than 75% for a power level of 88 W over a 0.6 m range is demonstrated using an adaptive frequency and power-level tracking system for magnetic resonance wireless power transfer. The work from Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology, uses wireless communication to monitor parameters at the receiver rather than relying on data available at the transmitter.

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