IET’s Inspec Database Adds 14 Millionth Record

Press Release 24 January 2014

Inspec, the Institution of Engineering and Technology’s database of cutting-edge science and engineering research, has indexed its 14 millionth record, highlighting the IET’s commitment to making essential, high-quality scientific and technological intelligence easily available to an international audience.

Demonstrating Inspec’s key position as the most extensive source of engineering research in the world, the landmark 14 millionth record is an important piece of medical technology research. The paper, Transmission of acoustic emission in bones, implants and dental materials, examines the potential for using acoustic emission (AE) and ultrasound to inspect implant interface and fixity, and to passively monitor implants. The author’s findings shed new light on the transmission of AE energy through bone and dental materials, which they found was dependent on the level of hydration.

The article, by a team of researchers from Heriot-Watt University and the University of Edinburgh, UK, is published in the Journal of Engineering in Medicine, published by SAGE on behalf of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

“14 million records is a significant milestone,” said Daniel Smith, Head of Academic Publishing at the IET. “What sets Inspec apart is that it continues to deliver content of the highest quality, and is constantly expanding its scope with content coverage growing at 5% per year. This paper is an example of our expanding Healthcare Technology coverage.  Our aim is to provide our customers with the information they really want, while making it easily accessible through careful selection and categorisation  of relevant information. Inspec’s indexing takes into account everything from chemical substance to numerical data, making searches far more precise and allowing researchers to drill down and retrieve specific information quickly and efficiently. This is what ultimately drives research and innovation, by allowing researchers to accelerate their activities.”

"Our relationship with Inspec is extremely valuable," said Professor Anthony Unsworth, Editor of the Journal of Engineering in Medicine at SAGE. "It is really important that the international scientific community  are able to access research results  quickly and  easily , and this in turn boosts the quality and timeliness of research in this immensely important area."

About Inspec and the IET

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About the Journal of Engineering in Medicine and SAGE

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