Inspec user support and documentation

A suite of Inspec user help and documentation is available, designed to help you get the best from your searches.

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Free training

Inspec provides free training sessions either at your site or via the web, and can tailor the sessions to individual requirements.

Search guides and aids

  • A wide range of free search guides can be downloaded from this site, including those specific to Inspec vendor platforms.
  • A listing of the journals indexed within Inspec can be viewed for free to allow you to check the coverage of the database
  • Our collection of subject guides in popular fields of science and engineering can help you improve your search techniques.


Inspec has many value added features to ensure fast and accurate search results. Learn more about using these special index fields including the Inspec Thesaurus, Classification, numerical indexing and much more!

Promotional material

To help promote Inspec to your users you may:

  • Order free Inspec Library posters/bookmarks
  • Order free Inspec promotional leaflets/information pack

Contact your local Inspec regional office.

Document delivery

How do I obtain a copy of the full text of the article I have found on Inspec? Some useful suggestions for how to obtain the full text of an article of interest.