Key Abstracts

The Key Abstracts series offers a range of 22 print journals in specialised subject areas, suited to the requirements of an individual engineer or scientist, or of a research group.

Key articles from Inspec

The series highlights the key articles from periodicals and conference proceedings in subject areas of special relevance to current technology.

Each monthly issue of Key Abstracts presents the reader with a manageable selection of approximately 250 summaries selected from those published in the Inspec database. These are presented in an easy-to-read format, together with a subject index.

Key Abstracts titles

Automation and control series

Business automation

Factory automation

Machine vision

Robotics and control

Communications and optics series

Antennas and propagation

Microwave technology



Materials and measurement series

Advanced materials

Electronic instrumentation

High-temperature superconductors

Measurements in physics

Computing and control series

Artificial intelligence

Computer communications and storage

Human-computer interaction

Neural networks

Software engineering

Electronics and power series

Computing in electronics and power

Electronic circuits

Microelectronics and printed circuits

Power systems and applications

Semiconductor devices


A one year subscription for 2018 for each title costs £1,092, with Airmail included, where applicable. For those in the Americas, the price is $1,876 including Airmail.

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