Inspec Direct

Inspec Direct, an enhanced search platform of Inspec, the world’s leading bibliographic database providing access to scientific and technical literature is available as an online research tool.

The platform, an enhanced search interface for the Inspec Database, features a user-focused design to support all levels of scientific and technical research in the corporate, industrial, government and academic sectors. Inspec Direct provides online access to abstracts and citations to millions of high quality, relevant peer-reviewed articles, conference proceedings and technical reports, via a secure and intuitive interface featuring state-of-the-art indexing, search features and analytical functionality.

The Inspec Database is an invaluable source for scientists, engineers and information professionals around the world and Inspec Direct enhances that by providing a powerful precision research tool with highly sophisticated support functionality that allows users to analyse, store and communicate their findings.

In partnership with information professionals, librarians and researchers, Inspec has striven to develop and deliver a platform that presents search and access to content in a way that saves time, delivers exact results, and provides consistently excellent indexing and classification performance.

For full information, and to request a free trial, visit the Inspec Direct website.